It was now 44 years old and he still loves his mom and dad. On 10 April, Eric Berger aka Tanguy, now separated from the charming Chinese with whom he had been married in just the wedding there are some 18 years, will seek refuge and solace at home with his parents.

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In a teaser that contains the codes of the first film, the tone is immediately given. Against bad fortune good heart, Sabine Azéma and André Dussolier, the authors of the days of the hero pot of glue, will do everything to try to give back a taste for life to their eternal teenager.

In 2001, Tanguy met already this excellent trio of acrobats. The film had been erected almost instantly to the status of a cult piece. Some 4.3 million of spectators were pressed into the dark rooms to laugh with the good comedy of manners.

Étienne Chatiliez, as in 2001, joined the services of Lawrence Shushan to write the screenplay and the dialogues. The mechanical risk to be well oiled because Tanguy, despite the years and the discovery of the Empire of the middle, will feel good, very, very well, at his parents…

Tanguy, the return. The teaser of the sequel of the film by Étienne Chatiliez. Released on 10 April.