“These are the words of a controversial professional who does not think of the interests of children, but who thinks of his political career, which is also in bad shape”, said Mr. Ndiaye on franceinfo.

Eric Zemmour made a long development on the school on Sunday in a back-to-school meeting, asking his supporters to establish a “national network of vigilant parents” supposed to “report the aberrations of which his children are victims at school”, particularly on gender issues which are the subject of recurring controversies fueled by the right and the extreme right.

“It does not interest me,” retorted the Minister of National Education.

Mr. Ndiaye, on the other hand, recalled that “we must talk about sex education at school”, noting that this teaching theme was provided for by law. He noted in this regard that there were “great variations according to classes, schools and territories”.

However, for the minister, this education must help public health objectives, such as reducing teenage pregnancies or combating sexually transmitted diseases, but also “more general objectives related to discrimination, the fight against sexual and gender-based violence , linked to the fight against LGBT phobias, and to inequalities between girls and boys”.