Teacher: Age limits on books — rare stuff

the Ban is to give children the “adult” books in libraries will make little difference, says psychologist, teacher Irina Belyaeva.

she told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, for the reading of minors, there are other more popular platforms to explore “forbidden” according to the age qualification book. The expert cited the example of online libraries and generally criticized the idea of the Ministry of culture.

“Who will label these books? What to do with the school program, where the same “Taras Bulba” is studied in the sixth grade?” — ask questions Belyaeva.

According to her, all this shows about the next “symptom”.The teacher considers the solution of “rare nonsense”, but it does not hurt and will not help children to read.

the Recall of the previously published order of the Ministry of culture implies that shared libraries should remove books that age is not suitable for children. “Zapresheno” now we need to store in a lockable room or on a separate rack under the control of the employee.