TEC members criticized the bill authorizing to hold a multi-day elections in Russia

The authors of the petition on the website change.org — “voters and members of electoral commissions of Russia” — suggested the CEC to abandon the idea of multi-day voting, and the state Duma and the Federation Council to prohibit this practice. In his address, they said they did not see the need for a multi-day voting. “The existing order of elections has always enabled voters to vote in one day and without a massive queue,” said the authors of the petition, stating that in Russia 97 thousand polling stations and 900 thousand members of precinct election commissions (PECs), which provide the opportunity to its difficulty. Even a single day of voting, it is, argue the authors, the hard work of PEC members and observers, which starts early in the morning and ends the night of the counting of votes and summarizing. “At the same time the absolute majority of us have a primary job that is not stopped during the election period. The members of the PEC and observers are not entitled to additional leave. Multi-day voting is a deterioration in the conditions of hard labor, while wages in the committees has not increased proportionately,” said they. The petition also stated that most of the polling are in other educational institutions as most of the members of the PEC in Russia — teachers. “Multi-day voting inevitably interferes with the learning process, takes space and time from the regular work of schools, colleges, universities, say the authors of the petition. — One day of voting is sufficient and meets the international standards of elections”. The address is signed by the TEC members in Moscow, St. Petersburg, regional election commissions. Earlier today it became known that the state Duma adopted a bill authorizing to hold elections in Russia within a few days. In preparing the new rules based on the experience events.niya nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution.

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