Temnikov condemned the reduction of salaries in the national football League:

Defender of FC “Nizhny Novgorod” Ivan Temnikov, until last year played for Dinamo, said that the reduction of millions of salaries of players of a “serious impact on the family budget.”

the Club Temnikova finished in 11th place and the player himself in an interview with “Soviet sport” has admitted that “the season we got”.

Responding to a question about whether it was the reduction of salaries of players and coaches, Temnikov said that in the “Lower” cuts were not, and stressed that salaries of the clubs belonging to the level they would be “a serious blow.”

“I Think for Germany the wage cuts even 20-30% is a serious blow to the family budget. We have the same contracts are not comparable with RPL. It’s one thing when you get 2-4 million in a month and another 200-400 thousand. All players have families, loans and so on”, — said Temnik.

He noticed that at the conclusion of new contracts the club offers players reduced conditions: “Most players offer to be pressed down by 30-40 percent at the signing of new agreements”.

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