viva la salsa ! 26th edition of the successful festival Tempo Latino that insiders call “Vic”, by the name of Vic-Fezensac in the Gers, where the festival is held. Despite a time a little threatening and temperatures relatively cool for a summer weekend, we will remember the enthusiasm of the public during these three days of festival and Latin music, from 26 to 28 July.

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Shortcut 24 hours this year, the festival has been ringing for three days of Latin music in the village gers. Despite the crowd, the Tempo Latin still retains a dimension that is very family-friendly. As the years and the faces are becoming familiar for the regulars. Including that of Eric Duffau, vice-president of the festival, go-to workshops to concerts and always very close to the artists it carries.

Gosh, high in color and full of enthusiasm, set the tone on Friday evening before leaving the place to Kassav’, the grand patron of the festival.

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“Deep Unconditional Love” tonight at #TempoLatino2019. @antibalas have managed to captivate, seduce and convince with their afro-beat, powerful and committed. @daptonerecords

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Saturday, Orquesta Akokan and Antibalas have issued a show without a hitch. He needed it to warm up in the evening and fight the wind… And be ready to dance all night bodega in bodega! Because as every year, the salseros have invested in each square metre of the festival to indulge in their passion.

Sunday, the pianist and film music composer Joachim Horsley has played to sold-out inside the romanesque church of the city, accompanied by his quartet. In communion with a public conquered – although a little disturbed by the acoustics sometimes messy – they resound to the rhythms of cuban or venezuelan, giving a modern twist to classics of Beethoven or Mozart, to name only a few.

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@kassav_official and their boundless energy have ignited the arena for the opening night #TempoLatino2019 ! See you tomorrow !

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in The evening, the Cuban Cimafunk, dressed in gold, for the first time on tour in France, did it resonate with the force of his melodies tinged funk, afro-cuban and reggaeton.

But the highlight of this edition was the presence of Alexander Abreu, “El Cantor del Pueblo”, the singer and trumpeter cuban as prolific as recognized. Started with more than forty minutes late, under the whistles of the public, the concert was quickly erased this setback. The artist has offered a walkabout of his lodge up to the stage. He was then chained on two-hour concert in front of arenas full to the brim. Renowned for his sincerity on stage and his showmanship, the man who is considered as one of the best musicians of his generation, has completely convinced the public. The culmination of a edition of very successful.