After her first consultations with the presidents of majority groups, Aurore Bergé (Renaissance), Jean-Paul Mattéi (Modem) and Laurent Marcangeli (Horizons), the Prime Minister enters the tough Tuesday by meeting in turn the leaders of the LR, socialist, communist and ecologist groups in the Assembly.

In a letter she sent to them on Monday, the Prime Minister takes note of their refusal “to enter into a dynamic of coalition building or an overall agreement with the majority group” but adds that she would nevertheless like to “deepen our discussion to better identify the essential points of convergence and disagreement”. She is not giving up on a government agreement, her entourage told AFP.

From 9 a.m., she will receive Olivier Marleix (LR), then Boris Vallaud at 7 p.m. and Julien Bayou and Cyrielle Chatelain (EELV) at 8 p.m.

Elisabeth Borne was charged by the Head of State, who renewed his confidence in her on Saturday, to find a “government agreement” or “project majorities”, to try to unblock the situation and succeed in having projects adopted. laws, including the first, on purchasing power, in July.

A decree from the Head of State convening parliament in extraordinary session and setting the texts which will be examined is expected “in the coming hours”, specifies the letter from Ms. Borne, referring to the measures in favor of purchasing power and the project amending finance law.

The Prime Minister, who is leading a meeting on Covid-19 by videoconference on Tuesday with the prefects and directors of the ARS, also evokes the bill “now provisionally a monitoring and health security device” in the face of the rebound in Covid cases. .

Emmanuel Macron, who is going to Madrid where the 30 NATO member states are due to discuss the war in Ukraine in particular, told AFP that he was waiting for his return on Thursday “proposals” for a roadmap “and the composition of a new government scheduled for early July.

For the time being, the opposition parties have all ruled out entering the government from the outset. Ms. Borne says she can count on 252 deputies, seven more than the 245 of the presidential majority, but far from the 289 necessary to have an absolute majority.

“The Republicans will be neither in the position of obstruction, nor in that of compromise”, reaffirmed the deputy LR Julien Dives on France info, specifying that his party would deal “case by case, text by text, project by project “.

– 16th legislature –

“What I’m waiting for is that they finally open their ears, and that they don’t just listen with their right ear but a little with their left ear”, declared on BFMTV Ian Brossat, right arm of the leader of the PCF Fabien Roussel. The latter, who had seemed in favor of participating in a government, had to assure Monday that it was “not at all on the agenda”.

Mathilde Panot (LFI) should be received on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. LFI and the National Rally have already been excluded from any coalition project by Emmanuel Macron, who does not consider them to be “government parties”.

“We are satisfied to be consulted”, declared the Insoumise Daniele Simmonet on BFMTV, recalling that his group demands that the Prime Minister submit to a vote of confidence, during her general policy speech, on July 5.

The deputies officially launch the 16th legislature on Tuesday, with the election from 3:00 p.m. of the presidency of the National Assembly, before those, in the following days, of the main bodies of the institution, therefore the key finance committee, that the Nupes and the RN are fighting over.

The macronists should, unless surprised, elect one of their own, Yaël Braun-Pivet, who would be the first woman to hold this position, only a relative majority sufficient in the event of a 3rd round.

The short-lived Minister of Overseas (one month), who left the government this weekend after being invested by his group, should succeed Richard Ferrand (LREM), beaten in the second round of the legislative elections.

Other candidates should present themselves, such as Annie Genevard (LR) or Sébastien Chenu (LR), and certainly a candidate from the union of the left.

The various parliamentary groups, a priori 10 with the new “Utiles” group, also have until 6:00 p.m. to declare themselves officially and submit the list of their members to the President of the Assembly, which will finally allow the majority and to the opposition to count themselves.