Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is Britain’s longest-living and longest-reigning monarch. However, she isn’t considered an oldie.

The Queen, 95 years old, politely declined the honour of being named “Oldie Of the Year” by a British magazine. She said she doesn’t meet “the relevant criteria.”

The Oldie magazine published Tuesday the queen’s response on its suggestion that she should follow in the footsteps former recipients like former Prime Minister John Major and actor Olivia de Havilland.

“Her Majesty believes that you are as old and as well-informed as you think,” stated Tom Laing Baker, her assistant private secretary. The letter was concluded by Tom Laing-Baker, her assistant private secretary. He expressed his gratitude and best wishes to Her Majesty.

Although she was widowed in May this year, the queen still has a full schedule of royal duties. Tuesday saw her host a reception at Windsor Castle, where she hosted global business leaders and held audience with diplomats.

The Oldie of the Year award recognizes those who have made an exceptional contribution to public life in their later years. In 2011, Prince Philip, the queen’s husband, was awarded this award. He was 90 years old at the time.

The queen’s decline led to this year’s Oldie of the Year award going instead to movie royalty: Leslie Caron (90), a French-American actress/dancer.