The Abkhaz authorities want to open the country to tourists, despite the threat of coronavirus

the authorities of Abkhazia have to open the border to foreign tourists, despite the fact that, according to the Minister of tourism of the Republic Teimuraz Hisba, “the most important thing is the health of our citizens.”

He argues that this must be done in order to earn almost the only real sector of the economy. According to him, at present, about 20 thousand people (almost every tenth) working in the travel industry of Abkhazia.

“in Addition to the season (tourist — “Rosbalt”), there is nothing which is a fact of life. We have no such industries, which can provide our citizens”, — quotes the words of the Minister Sputnik Abkhazia.

Hisba drew attention to the fact that even countries that have experienced serious outbreaks COVID-19, open borders, not to undermine the well-being of its citizens. He acknowledged that if the pandemic will not stop, it will be virtually impossible to avoid its penetration into Abkhazia, and expressed the hope that the consequences of this “attack” can be minimized.

Restrictions on crossing the Abkhaz-Russian border act on July 21. In Sukhum repeatedly stated that they are ready for their cancellation, but this should be a decision of Moscow.

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