The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation warned of a possible increase in the number of defrauded investors

accounts chamber of the Russian Federation saw a risk of increasing the number of protracted and defrauded real estate investors in the country, the press service of the Ministry. As stated by the auditor of SP Svetlana Orlova, the situation may have a negative impact the decline in the purchasing power of Russians, and also the increasing bankruptcy of small and medium construction companies.

According to Department, in Russia in March, there were more than 3 thousand distressed homes in 76 regions. It is noted that the most difficult situation was found in Moscow, the Moscow, Leningrad, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar region.

While in SP stressed that the lack of complete and reliable information on the number of investors affected by the actions of developers, exacerbates the situation. The regions with mid-2019 does not keep a register of such citizens because of changes in legislation. In July 2019 in the registry has collected data for about 48 thousand people, and at the moment, according to experts, their number can be from 180 to 200 thousand people.

the chamber recommended that the government conduct a full inventory of defrauded co-investors, together with the regions.

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