The action of solidarity with the festival in Kazan have detained the mother and the child (video)

In Kazan detained participants of the action “Feed the pigeons” — in support of the protesters Khabarovsk and with General political slogans.

according to, Kazan activists posted on the Bauman street sign with the funeral with the inscription “the Constitution of the Russian Federation 1993-2020”. The participants of the “funeral” were also laid to the improvised “dumping” of the Basic law red carnations.

According to human rights, the shares in the capital of Tatarstan was detained 5 people, including activists Mikita Temples, Andrei Boyarshinov several women. The footage of Kazan is seen as a woman with a small boy escorted in a police van

Among the participants, among whom were activists of the “cacheboy groups, in Platonov, the” protest group “No incineration plant” and members of the party “Yabloko”. They were taken to the police Department, the newspaper notes. According to him, presumably buses with Riot police arrived from Nizhny Novgorod.

rallies in support of the festival on Saturday held in a number of regional capitals. According to latest but unconfirmed officially information, 56 persons were detained, most of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg.