Said Bogota defines himself as an actor and comedian, seen particularly in Pattaya of Franck Gastambide in 2016. But the suspicion that the investigators do not have anything to laugh at. He would have been arrested by the gendarmerie of the Essonne Monday, 17 December, according to Closer , then put in a review on Wednesday. The actor small in size to have orchestrated the kidnapping of a young man of 17 years. According to Point, , the suspect would have partially acknowledged the facts. The justice must decide on his detention or his release.

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Said Bogota, who lives in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, would have hired two goons to kidnap and intimidate the teenager. According to The Point , the victim would live with the former fiancée of Said Bogotá and would have suffered the revenge of the actor, who has been designated as being the cause of their separation. The victim is now hospitalized, diving in the induced coma.

The young man, who was kidnapped near his home in Villejuif, Val-de-Marne, would have been taken by force in a city of Saint-Chéron, Essonne, details the weekly. Locked in a cellar, it would have been tied up with a cable television wire, and then beaten and burned after having been slathered in gasoline.

According to The Point , the victim reportedly managed to escape before being taken in by a neighbor, who called the gendarmes. Arrested, the two assailants were then revealed to be the name of Said Bogota as that of their sponsor. The suspect was on the screen of Taxi 5 , in April, in the role of a police officer.