The address of the President to the nation on the coronavirus has been removed from YouTube due to the many dislikes allowed

a video of the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Zheenbekov about the situation of coronavirus has been removed from the platform YouTube, after the number of dislikes allowed under the roller 14 times higher than the number of likes.

the Appeal was published on 9 July, however, shortly before midnight, was deleted by the user. By the time he looked about 30 thousand people, it got 300 likes and dislikes allowed 4200. In a press-service of the President of the publication stated that it had removed the video due to “destructive comments”.

Soon the appeal appeared again, but he had disabled comments and hidden the statistics for likes and dislikes.

In his address, the President said that Kyrgyzstan is successfully overcomes pandemiya, however, urged citizens to take responsibility to defeat her completely.

as of today, Kyrgyzstan was 9358 cases of infection with coronavirus, 3134 the patient recovered, 122 died. In June, the number of infected people has grown by 4.6 times.

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