It was the week of the trainees ‘Discovered’ in the Figaro , as in many other businesses. He had to look after these boys and girls. Also the idea of creating a readers ‘ club interns we come. For parity, we will go back to: five girls have played the game (a little picture of what happens in the edition: the reader is a reader). They are involved, have shown a curious, and have worked well (so a great work-term report perspective). At no time, we’ve imposed a book. They were chosen from dozens of proposals, and even among books that were not included in the selection, but were hanging out on the offices. Jeanne has even read two books. It was expected that they look for books for the youth, and it is wrong! One thing is for sure: the next generation was ready.

F(m)ille , Audrey Dana (Editions of Equators), by Louann, 14

The book

Equateurs Novel

It is through an autobiographical fiction that Audrey Dana romance on the underneath of his life, in particular his childhood and adolescence. In 1984, Audrey is 6 years old. Child full of energy in search of affection, loves life and looks to enjoy it to the maximum. From a mid-low benefit, with a “mama ghost” this without really being, and a “ghost daddy” too often absent, Audrey, and his siblings (Big Sister Light, Constancy, and Louis) can only count on themselves. Between the move to Maryland, which finished off quickly, by welcoming the traumatized children of the DDASS to round the end of the month, the nights full of drugs and first loves, Audrey struggles to survive. The young girl’s struggle to succeed in his studies, having his tray and start her acting career, she is passionate about this art form that allows him to escape far from everyday life.

author –

Born in 1977 in Paris, Audrey Dana is a French actress, screenwriter and director. She has notably played the role of Huguette in the Roman de Gare and second in Welcome . It is named for the césars 2008 and 2010 for these two roles, and was awarded the prix Romy Schneider in 2008.

Louann, 14 years old. FRANCOIS CAP/François Bouchon / Le Figaro

In 2010, the actress goes behind the camera. She directed her first feature film in 2013, titled Under the skirts of girls , which tells the story of eleven women. If I was a man , released in theatres in 2017, she produced, directed and plays the main role in this comedy. Fa(m)ille is his first novel.

What I think

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author makes us travel in his universe by his pen, first in a child-like and dynamic, since the story is told through the eyes of a child. Then the narrative gradually becomes more mature, more dramatic, while the pace of events is accelerating, and that the author is gaining in age. This autobiographical fiction deals with topics that are important and real, although difficult, I would not advise this is not a book for children, but teenagers, young adults and adults. The combination of the pleasant writing of Audrey Dana and themes give us a moving story and touching.

The characters (especially the character at the heart of this novel, Audrey) are endearing. There is even eventually appreciate the mother and the father of the narrator, although these two people put themselves predominantly as antagonists against the main character throughout the story.

Rameses II son of the Sun , according to Christian-Jacq , illustrations by Patrice Cablat (Hachette Children’s), with Layla, 14 years

Hachette children

The Book

This book is about Ramses born in 1279 bc. He is the son of seti I, a pharaoh of Egypt. Ramses looked a lot like his father, their mummies are preserved today in the Cairo museum. Sensing the approach of his death, Sety should consider to give up his throne. Ramses is the one he believes to be the most fit to succeed him, which is confirmed as of the time. When Sety ii died, so it is Ramses becomes the new pharaoh at the age of twenty-four years. A pharaoh does not rule alone, Nefertari, his wife, fills a very important role within the State. Throughout his reign, the country is in danger because the Hittites want him to declare war. Nefertari is the solution, it negotiates with the enemy a treaty of peace.

That was the biggest success of Ramses and Nefertari. The pharaoh built his temple, the Ramesseum, where we will celebrate forever her memory. At Abu-Simbel were built two temples in honour of the royal couple. Shortly after this construction, the queen died, a king cannot reign alone then married Iset. Ramses died at the age of ninety years, after a reign of sixty-seven years.

Layla, 14 years old. FRANCOIS CAP/François Bouchon / Le Figaro


This book, from the story of Christian-Jacq, is illustrated by Patrice Cablat and published by Hachette Children’s. The author, Christian Jacq, born in 1947, is an egyptologist, essayist and novelist. Crowned by the French Academy, he is the author of several best-sellers, including the five-volume Ramses.

What I think

I found this book interesting. The illustrations are very well done, this book is understandable to all. It allows us to learn historical facts simply. You learn a lot of things about the life of Ramses II. I highly recommend it.

● The city of heaven , Book 1, Amy Ewing , (Robert Laffont), by Jeanne, 14 years

The book

Robert Laffont

This book combines two stories, the first, that of Will and Leila, two young céruléennes from a planet called the City of The sky, where live only women. The second, that of Agnes and Leo who live in Old Port City, on Earth. Will and Leila live a peaceful life in the City of the sky when Will is designated as a sacrifice that will allow his people to go to a new destination. Everything does not happen as expected, Will be found on earth, surrounded by men and women she does not know. It will be captured by the family of Mclellan. Leo and Agnes, children of McLellan will find themselves facing a dilemma: help this young girl came from another world to escape the clutches of their father, Xavier McLellan, or focus on their projects which are on the point of success, that isto say a place in the family business for Leo, and integrate a prestigious university for Agnes.

Jane, 14 years old. FRANCOIS CAP/François Bouchon / Le Figaro

author –

Amy Ewing is an american novelist who wrote the best-selling series The Jewel . the City of The sky is translated from the English (United States), by Cécile Ardilly.

What I think

The novel puts in scene a world where the imagination has no limits. A very good book, especially in terms of the originality for the City of The sky is a completely different world from ours, but the characters of the characters could be more thorough.

● Molière , Jean-Michel Coblence and Elléa Bird (The classic BD/ Casterman) Jane

The book

This cartoon tells about the life of Molière and presents his best-known works such as The Precious Ridicules of Molière, l’école Des Femmes, Tartuffe, Dom Juan, Le Misanthrope, L’avare, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme


Jean-Baptiste Poquelin is the son of upholsterer, he was destined to take over from his father, but his grandfather Louis Cressé will give him the taste of the theatre, two years after the latter’s death, he decides to announce to his father that he will not become a upholsterer but a comedian. He founded his troupe, The illustrious Theatre where he will take the name of Molière. Its beginnings will be difficult, many actors left the troupe, and Molière end up in jail because of his debts. On his release he decides, with his troop to exit paris. The Illustrious Theatre will receive the protection of the prince de Conti and then the brother of the king, and finally that of the king himself. We follow through these pages the story of Molière until her death.


Jean-Michel Coblence was first taught History before becoming an editor of documentaries. He has created the collection The classics in COMICS, Casterman. Elléa Bird is a young illustrator. She studied drawing at Emile Cohl, an art school in Lyon. Molière is his first comic.

What I think

This COMIC is both entertaining and educational. More the game of colors between the life of Molière and that of its parts, prevents confusion, and the illustrations are very well done. But the boxes of COMICS are sometimes too overloaded, which can be difficult to read. I recommend it for a first approach of the life of Molière.

● Small moments of solitude , of Nadège Fougeras and Johanna de Beaumont , Toucan, by Leonie, 14 years old.

The book


As its name indicates, this book is about the “moments of solitude”, that is to say, the goofing off that can make people or funny situations in which they may find themselves. This work is a collection of testimonies that tell these embarrassing moments of their life. Also, the first page gives a definition of “Time of solitude”, Robert: “a Situation where one person covers shame or ridicule in public because of the occurrence of an event that is unexpected or unwelcome for it.”

Leonie, 14 years old. FRANCOIS CAP/François Bouchon / Le Figaro


Nadège Fougeras had the idea to write this book after having experienced an awkward moment. It has therefore asked other people to tell him their moment of solitude to regroup. Then one day she met Johanna Beaumont, editor at Toucan. They wrote this book together in order to make people laugh or at least smile these drives.

What I think

I have found this book to be fun and light to read. It is a book that can be read everywhere, because the stories are very short and in no particular order. They are all different, and we don’t miss a moment. It really is very enjoyable to read.

● Ten , de Marine Carteron. (Rouergue), by Raffaella, 16 years old

The book


Contacted by a mysterious producer, seven high school students, Sainte-Scholastique, professor of letters, the former nurse of the institution, and a former commissioner are to be found on an island cut off from the world in order to participate in a game show to the Secret Story . Locked in a mansion with no phone and no way to communicate with the outside world, the ten candidates will quickly understand that they are not there by chance. Related without knowing it by the suicide of Esther, a former student of the school, the seven teenagers and three adults who frame them have been brought together to face their demon. One after the other, they will have to deal with the Voice, the master of the game, which will lead them to confess their faults. Without any way to escape the island, the ten “small” candidates are forced to face their destiny and to their certain death. Since the Voice, anonymous and fearful, is determined to make them all pay. But what role each candidate has played in the suicide of Esther? Behind the Voice? And why make justice now, and so cruelly?

author –

Raffaella, 16 years old. FRANCOIS CAP/François Bouchon / Le Figaro

Born in 1972, Marine Carteron is a novelist and French. After studies of art history and archaeology, she decided to practise the profession of a teacher. In 2014, she published the first volume of The Autodafeurs , his first novel youth. It will publish a volume 2 and a volume 3 in the wake.

What I think

Playing around with the mystery of the identity of the Voice, Marine Carteron manages to hold the readers in suspense. The suspense keeps us until the last page. The player slips into the skin of an investigator and tries to unravel the riddles of the manor of the island of Saleck in order to understand the meaning of the plan devised by the game master. Punctuated by clues about the context of the action (date, time and place), the story reads very fast, because the personal story of the ten characters takes us. You always want to learn more about their past and about the reasons that pushed them to end up in this Secret Story bloody. A novel directly inspired by the world of Agatha Christie, perfect for lovers of investigation and revenge.

( Ten , the book will be published on 20 march)

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