a few days ago, the jurors of the prix Goncourt, had distinguished four authors: Yvon Le Men with the Goncourt of poetry-Robert Sabatier, Mary Gauthier in the category of “first novel”, Caroline Lamarche, for his new and Frédéric Pajak for his biography.

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In addition to these four crowned, the Goncourt advise twelve books. The story of the novel through a Dictionary-lover, there’s something for all tastes. And rare, the académie Goncourt has even put in his list a book of foreign literature, The World Tree , by Richard Powers.

Rodolphe Barry , to Honour the fury (Finite)

Nicolas Cano , forcible (Grasset)

Bernard How , Neptune Avenue (Grasset)

Isabelle Dangy, The workshop of the disorder (The Passage)

Sylvie Germain , The wind resumes its towers (Albin Michel)

Lola Gruber , Three dates (Phébus)

Philippe Joanny , How it all began (Grasset)

Jean-Paul Kauffmann , Venice double tour (Ecuador literature)

Jean-Marie Laclavetine, A family friend (Gallimard)

Richard Powers , The World Tree (Le Cherche Midi), translated from the English (United States) by Serge Chauvin

Abdellah Taïa, slow living (Threshold)

Olivier Weber , Dictionary lover Joseph Kessel (Plon)