“All of that for that!” According to Elizabeth Tanner, this story has not been a fire of straw. Pis, delirium paranoia on the part of Abdellatif Kechiche. The agent Ophelia Bau responded in a letter relayed on Twitter on Tuesday evening to the long letter that was published yesterday by the director of the sulphur Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo in which he denounced a “conspiracy of puppets” fomented by the French Syndicate of agents against it.

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“Contrary to what you claim, the Syndicat français des agents artistiques et littéraires (SFAAL), of which I am president, has never been, neither directly, nor indirectly, involved in this case, but it is well as the agent of Miss Ophelia Bau that I have intervened,” said Elizabeth Tanner. According to her, the only request made by his client was “able to view the sequence controversial,” the second installment of Mektoub, My Love , a scene of cunnilingus thirteen minutes between Romeo de Lacour and, prior to its release at Cannes. A query that, according to Ms. Tanner, would have been denied by the director in multiple times.

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Ophelia Bau, “destabilized and undermined”

The refusal “even more strange”, she confesses, that the director of The Seed and the Mullet , would have permitted the actor to validate Canto Uno, first part of his saga, before its first screening. According to the officer, it would have also allowed Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos watch the sex scenes flood of The Life of Adèle the eve of the presentation of the film at Cannes in 2013.

“Ophelia Bau is therefore made at the Cannes film Festival feeling particularly destabilized and weakened by the idea of discovering for the first time the film in such conditions,” notes Elizabeth Tanner. The actress would have decided, therefore, after the rise of the steps down from the rear of the Palais des Festivals, “without ever going into the projection room,” she continued.

In his missive, Elisabeth Tanner also noted that since this incident, neither the actress, nor she, did not mention publicly the shooting conditions of the second pane. Is this a way to threaten the filmmaker and the attack soon on his way to work?

“We take good note of your public commitment to allow Ophelia Bau to view the sequence in question and to indicate what plans she would like to eventually see remove”

Elizabeth Tanner

“anyway, since this was the demand of Ophelia Bau, we take good note of your public commitment to allow him, finally, watch the sequence in question and to indicate what plans she would like to possibly see to remove,” she says.

Monday, a little over a month after the controversy of Cannes, Abdellatif Kechiche came out of his silence in a letter to Elizabeth Tanner and published by The Express . The filmmaker, denounced a “conspiracy” woven against him and “the union of the artistic agents French was the main instigator”. Moreover, he concluded his letter by inviting Ophelia Bau to him “to mean precisely this that offends her modesty,” pledging, “to the extent possible, eliminate in the editing of the film, the plans that are bothersome still”.