That would make Mariah Carey without his “lambs”, the affectionate nickname that she gives to her fans? In any case, without their recent mobilization, the album Glitter , released in 2001, would still be considered to be the grand failure of the career of the singer. But fans of Mariah Carey, always quick to defend the interests of their idol, have been working hard to restore the image of the disc cursed, by organizing a campaign on the social networks. The key to commercial success unhoped-for, synonym of rise-rapidly in the rankings of sales.

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With this mobilization, Glitter has in fact reached its highest level of sales of the last sixteen years, and returned to the ranking weekly Billboard of the most popular titles, of which it occupies the fourteenth place, for the second week in a row. The drive provides the luxury of truster in the first place in the ranking of album sales, the R&B-Hip-Hop for the week of November 24. It has also reached the first place in the ranking american iTunes last week.

A success all the more impressive that Glitter comes from very far away. In 2001, we would have even been able to think that the career of Mariah Carey was completed, as stated in Rolling Stone . The album, soundtrack from the movie of the same name, had suffered from very bad reviews welcoming the feature-length film about the beginnings of the star. Due to the hospitalization of the star to treat his bipolar disorder, the release of the album, scheduled for 21 August, was postponed to 11 September 2001…

The word order: #JusticeForGlitter

seventeen years later, the campaign launched on social networks by fans of the pop star released her eighth solo album from the oblivion. Behind the word order #JusticeForGlitter (justice for Glitter ), the “lambs” have united to promote this new record is unfairly judged by his output, according to them, and ask that it be made available on Spotify. The website of streaming music still has not satisfied this query. On the other hand, the album has gained unprecedented visibility.

Grateful, Mariah Carey thanked the 15 November his fans for their mobilization.

This notoriety late of Glitter comes at a time when the star has just released his fifteenth studio album, Surety , receives rave reviews. A double gift, to the approach of Christmas, for the interpreter to All I Want for Christmas Is You!

Loverboy , a title of Glitter , which is redolent of the R & B of the 2000s