While the album posthume de Johnny Hallyday meets a phenomenal success (it has sold over a million copies in three weeks), Sylvie Vartan is ready, also, to publish a disc composed of occasions of the rocker. The singer will reinterpret some of the iconic titles of his former companion, whose Gabrielle or I love you , in a tribute album titled With you… , announced on Saturday that his press attaché.

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The disc will be released on the 30th of November, nearly a year after the death of the idol of the young, the 5 December 2017, at the age of 74 years. The thirteen titles, selected by one who was the wife of Johnny Hallyday from 1965 to 1980, are from all periods of his career.

Among them, The music that I love (1973), Gabrielle (1976), Remember the night (1961), something Tennessee (1985), I love you (1969), or Blood for blood (1999), written by their son, David Hallyday for the album of the same name, which was the biggest sale of Johnny to this day.

Tribute to his “first love”

the other Two titles will complement the album tribute: Message , spoken text recorded by Sylvie Vartan in tribute to the man who was his “first love”, and In My Life of the Beatles, a song that Sylvie and Johnny were listening to a lot when they were together.

The cover of the album reproduces a black and white photo that was taken in the 1960s by Jean-Marie Périer, the photographer of the yé-yé. We see Sylvie Vartan on stage during a concert. In his back, behind the curtain, the shadow of Johnny Hallyday that smoldering gaze. The singer says that it was one of his concerts in Strasbourg. The rocker had joined while at that time he did his military service in Germany. On Twitter, fans have argued that it is rather a snapshot taken in 1963, one year earlier, in the framework of a tour of the couple.

Cover album “With you…” by Sylvie Vartan. Sylvie Vartan : cover of”With you…” © Jean-Marie Périer / Sony Music

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The disc is not signed Sylvie Vartan, but simply Sylvie, in a nod to the era of yé-yé during which fans have used the two stars only by their first name. This output will take place a little over a month after that, on 19 October, the album posthume de Johnny Hallyday, My country it is the love .

For the past several months, a legal battle around the legacy of the singer contrasts his two seniors, David Hallyday and Laura Smet, his last wife, Laeticia.

Sylvie Vartan is currently on tour with a show for which she takes a dozen tubes of Johnny Hallyday. She sang in particular on 24 November in Lyon, the 5th of December (the anniversary of the death of Johnny Hallyday) to Saint-Quentin in the Aisne, and on 12 December in Brussels.