For all eternity in this world… In 1969, for the only time, the best agent of the Queen would say yes for a lifetime. The countess Teresa di Vincenzo, played by the elegant Diana Rigg, before God and men became Mrs. James Bond. The one and only wife film of this incorrigible seducer.

The alliance, called the All the Time in the World , is delivered by 007, aka George Lazenby, in On Her Majesty’s secret service to the one he affectionately nicknamed her Tracy. Today, half a century after this historical union, which will end as suddenly, as tragically, the house Sotheby’s london will auction this June 5, the symbol of their love. This memory now has an estimated value of € 10,000.

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007, to show that he gave up definitively to the disorderly life of the unmarried hardened, had to pass a ring exceptional with the finger of his girlfriend. The prestigious jeweler british Charles Temple therefore created a jewel of exception on which is engraved the oath, “for all eternity in this world” – or, in the language of Shakespeare, All the Time in the World . And as there is no love without music, Louis Armstrong left to posterity, on this same theme, one of his most beautiful songs, We Have All the Time in The World .

A ring and a song of Louis Armstrong

The exegetes of the gesture bondienne already know, this marriage will only last the time of a crossroads because of the moving and unsettling Teresa will end up murdered on the orders of the villainous Blofeld, just hours after having become for ever Mrs Bond.

The current owner of the jewel is a close friend of the family of Charles de Temple. He received this ring as a gift at the end of the shooting of the film On Her Majesty’s secret service directed by Peter Hunt. The creation of All the Time in the World took part to a lot to the recognition of the creative talents of Charles de Temple. Many of its customers demanded immediately to carry the finger this historic gem, full of passion.

To respond to Charles de Temple decided to release a limited edition of fifty copies, inspired by the same design, with a single shade, its name: All the Love in the World . Eternity had disappeared.

Louis Armstrong We have all the time in the World

On Her Majesty’s secret service ( On Her Majesty s Secret Service ) of Peter Hunt in 1969, with George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas…