“Forgive me, forgive me a thousand times”. The brazilian writer Paulo Coelho has asked for forgiveness after the insults and the about very little diplomatic to France and its president Jair Bolsonaro on the occasion of the crisis around the fires in the Amazon.

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“This is a video a little sad to ask for forgiveness to my French friends for the crisis, I would say the hystérisme of Bolsonaro, compared to France, the president of France, the wife of the president of France,” said French Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist , in a video posted on his Twitter account.

“While the Amazon is burning, they have no argument (and do) that insult, deny, say anything to avoid taking (their) responsibility,” added the writer, in speaking of the brazilian leaders.

“A moment of darkness in Brazil”

The G7 Biarritz has given rise to a ranged weapon between Bolsonaro and his French counterpart about the fires in the Amazon, leading to one of the most serious diplomatic crises between the two countries.

abusive comments to the chief of the brazilian State with respect to the First French woman Brigitte Macron have led the French president to wish to openly, in front of the cameras of the whole world, that “the brazilian people have very quickly a president who performs at height”.

Insults, jibes… how the tone is mounted between the France and the Brazil – to Watch on Figaro Live

“This is a time of darkness in Brazil, it will pass as the night goes on (…). And I present to you my apologies,” added the writer. “Messenger of peace” of the Un, he has also founded in Rio the Institute Paulo Coelho, responsible for assisting the Brazilians in poor and discriminated against, especially the elderly and children.