Four years after his last album Rebel Heart , Madonna has unveiled his new album, Madame X . Strong multiple influences, this album of fifteen titles a tribute to Portugal, a country for the adoption of the singer who had lived there since two years. In the framework of its promotion, the “queen of pop” in the us has agreed to answer questions of RTL. Far be it from us to offer the codes to unravel the mystery of his “madness”, it returns all the same on the loneliness has eaten away at the beginning of his stay in the country of Fado music, in its many questioned the artistic as political, and on his next residency at the Grand Rex, which is scheduled for 2020.

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“I had the impression of being cut off from my friends and as I said, of my daily life…” Madonna was installed in Portugal in 2017 to accompany his son twelve years of age, registered at the training centre of the Benfica to become a professional footballer. “I knew nothing of this country. I went there because my son plays football. I didn’t know anyone there, and I didn’t know what I was going to do artistically after.”

soon, she discovers how music is omnipresent in the city and be inspired. The singer narrates will be identified with a old history of the five hundred years that he has been told, that of a former queen of portugal, punished to reside in a castle without a view of the street, to have made of things “scandalous”. “Well all the days of my window, I said to myself that the place had something tragic,” says the star, who has identified with this character before finding their friends.

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“This is the worst disaster”

The door now open to some more personal questions, Madonna is back on his report to the celebrity. “This is the worst of the disasters,” began she. “If I wasn’t famous, I wouldn’t have a speaker for me to talk to people, to reach them, educate them, inspire them, or prevent them.” The star, which has a thirty tubes, its counter is bitter: “Thanks to the social networks, we live in a world where stardom is the rule of the game. It has nothing to do with ‘do you have something to say?’, ‘do you want to be an activist?’, ‘do you want to change the world?’ Everything revolves around ‘I want to be famous’.” As to justify the political commitment of Madame X , the highest of his career-admits-she – the diva claims to be an artist “for a reason,” and not for “love of glory”.

the RTL will appeal to the pop icon on its title I Rise , which begins with the voice of Emma Gonzalez, a young high school student and survivor of the shooting in Parkland on February 14, 2018. “Ex-pat” in Portugal, Madonna replied wearing a look more critical to his country of origin. “America is undergoing extreme changes, some of which are very disturbing,” says the one who admits to being “hurried” to escape. During the interview, she does not appoint yet none of these extreme changes. Obviously, “all of this” is in his album. In the middle, it is called “making a NLP”…

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Madonna will happen next year at the Grand Rex, at the heart of the capital, for a residence event on 18 February to 1 march 2020. “I have dancers, but not as much as usual. I will have at my side many of the musicians that I met in Lisbon, I’m going to put in before… there will be videos and projections. But no giant screens, no huge sets, it does not fit into a theatre!” If the first dates are complete, the remaining places are snapped up between 221,50 and 386,50€.

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