The American Kyle Giersdorf, alias “Bugha”, became Sunday in New York, the first world champion in solo video game Fortnite, a victory that allows him to pocket $ 3 million, to 16 years. A native of Pennsylvania, the “gamer” slender has taken the advantage from the first of the six matches and has not been resumed.

“That’s crazy,” said the young millionaire, after the final, during which he scored nearly double the points of his closest pursuer (59 points compared to 33 points for the second in the ranking).

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A hand during the second out of six matches, Bugha has shown remarkable consistency despite the context, the first world Cup final, the stake, millions of dollars, and the context, the speaker Arthur Ashe where is dispute usually the US Open. “This morning, it was quiet, full of energy and had fun to be sure not to be stressed out at all”, told AFP his best friend, Colin Bradley, after the final.

A player strategic

Fortnite is to be found on an island virtual with other players, the winner being the last survivor. As, the perimeter is reduced to speed up the outcome of the game. Each player can find on the island of weapons and materials of construction, which enable the creation of structures to protect themselves from the attacks of competitors.

the Meaning of the investment, the talent of the builder, brilliant in close combat, Bugha had, on the final, the range, the most complete, and a cold-blooded proof.

“This is one of the players more intelligent,” said his best friend. “He knows when to attack, when not to attack, how to stay in pitch. This is a player to be strategic.”

The position in height, above most of the other players, is an advantage that is often decisive, especially in the last moments of the game, because it allows to get more easily on other “gamers”. “A lot of people think that this is only a game, but he trains, he is very determined, it is determined”, said to AFP the aunt of Bugha, Dawn Seiders.

Two French in the top 10

The final solo race to the queen of Fortnite, has closed the first world Cup final for this game), published by the American Epic Games, who has distributed, in three days, $ 30-million prize. On Saturday, the Norwegian Nyhrox and the Austrian Aqua had won the final in a duet and won each of $ 1.5 million.

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Sunday, in addition to Bugha, three other players, all americans, have also become millionaires, namely Psalm (1.8 million), Epikwhale (1.2) and Kreo (1,05). An argentine player of 13 years, Thiago Lapp, alias “King”, has caused a sensation, almost touched the million ($900,000) and finished 5th with an ultra aggressive style which has allowed him to eliminate 21 competitors in the 6 matches, the best score behind Bugha (23).

The French players “Skite” and “Nayte” have respectively finished the competition in seventh and eighth position, winning each several hundreds of thousands of euros.

“This is better than watching online,” said Anthony Peralta, a spectator of the final, which will, during the highlights of the weekend filled up almost two-thirds of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is more than 23,000 seats tennis. “This is a community that gathers to celebrate a game”, he added. “This is more than a game.”

“I didn’t think it would be fun”, added Carlos Dacosta, a spectator of the final. “The level of play of these guys, it’s crazy.” The competitors also enjoyed the baptism of fire for the most popular game in the world, with 250 million practitioners.