No need of subtitles to read black-on-white critical thought, the craving for action and the poetry of the photographer Robert Frank in his legendary series, The Americans . Vagabond impassive on the roads of America with the economy boosted by the post-war shill in revolt and utopia of Jack Kerouac and the Beat generation, the young Swiss has revolutionized the world of photography with the publication in 1958 of this small monument unalterable of 83 prints, evidence by the image stolen from the daily reality. In 2009, fifty years after the shock of the photos, a wave of exhibitions birthdays in Paris and Washington, San Francisco and New York, recalled how her look european and independent has seen just over the New World.

This is not a coincidence that these tributes to the giant of the lens, 84 years of age, and a crowd of disciples, John Cassavetes, Jim Jarmusch, coincide with the inauguration of the first black president of the us. Until the publication of the book was …

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