The phone of the French Heritage Society, an american association for the safeguarding of the heritage, based in New York, has started ringing a few hours after the fire in Notre-Dame de Paris. “What can we do?” is asking us about the interlocutors, some of whom were in tears. Rhetorical Question. The members of this association have done what the Americans know so well to do after a disaster: they put the hand in the pocket. “We immediately opened a website to collect donations,” explains Jennifer Herlein, general manager of the FHS. To date, we have raised 303.104 dollars, and we continue to receive donations and words of support.”

If France is passionate about the reconstruction, with strong debates on the key, the Americans, for their part, have decided to skip the controversy. “Here, philanthropy is in the realm of morals, and not only to compensate for a deficient State. It is a reflex, and ethics,” comments Benedicta of …

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