The analyst compared the protest vote in the NAO response to the guest who spat in the face

the Protest vote in the Nenets Autonomous district (NAO) is due to the insult that was caused to local residents by plans to merge the regions, said political analyst Alexander Kynev in conversation with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

“Clearly an attempt to unite the subjects, or rather the elimination of the Nenets Autonomous district with the appointment of the acting in the Arkhangelsk region Mr Alexander tsybulskiy and NAO Mr. George Bezdolnogo, both of which have no relationship to the territory. One former military man and the other a former KGB officer. Here the Federal center and got what should have been,” — said the analyst.

Kynev added that the curtailment of plans for merging regions could not affect the position of the local residents.

“no one will forget. People came to visit you and spat in your face. You forget this? No”, — concluded the expert.

he Reminded the audience about the environmental protests at the station Sees in Lensky district of the Arkhangelsk region. According to the CEC, there is also registered a protest vote: “against” made 51,41% of participants of plebiscite.

According to system gas-Elections, in the NAO did not agree with the amendments to the Constitution of 55.25% of the vote. In General, the Russians supported the amendments to the Main law. Votes “for” gave 77,92% of the participants.

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