The analyst explained that the similarities between the 10-year plan of Putin and the anecdote about the donkey who learned to speak

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the national development of Russia until 2030 of reducing poverty by half, increase the life span of 78 years, steady income growth and other goals. Planning 10 years ahead is very risky, expressed his opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” Professor of the European University in Saint-Petersburg and Helsinki University Vladimir Gelman.

“Usually for 10 years, no one thinks — comes to mind the famous anecdote about how Hodge on the mandate of the Caliph was teaching the donkey to talk. And when asked how he in 10 years will teach it, he said that during this time will die either he or the Caliph, or donkey. If we talk seriously, then this kind of planning does not lead to the fact that all these objectives are met. Many previous plans have been similarly long-term nature and had not been executed, for example, may decrees” — gave an example of the analyst.

According to him, all long-term goals are set as follows: the performance of today “jumped” correction factor — for example, mortality rates should go down and birth rates up. But there is a danger that it will come down to achieving these goals through specific indicators, and officials will not pay attention to what is happening in the country in essence, the expert believes.

“focus on the figures always leaves a wide room for maneuver and manipulation, and in fact there’s only one way of assessing accomplished the goal or not — Putin’s personal opinion, formed through reports, reporting officials”, — said the analyst.

Vladimir Gelman notes that attempt to reduce the number of poor in the country half can also be unsuccessful, as by the time can set other parameters of poverty.

“for Example, even now the people in our country are considered to be BAAthe water, by the standards of underdeveloped countries are not,” explained the analyst.

we will Remind, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the national goals for 2030, which suggests the growth of the population of Russia, increase of life to 78 years, an increase in housing construction up to 120 million square meters per year, income growth, achieving 97% of households with access to broadband Internet, the growth rate of Russia’s GDP is higher than the average.

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