The analyst of voting on the amendments to the Constitution: the Russians will do what they are required

Russians are ready to vote for amendments to the Constitution because they want to please the sociologists and not too informed about the real purpose of the amendments. Such opinion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the political scientist, Professor at the European University in Saint-Petersburg Grigory Votes.
He mentioned a poll which showed support for the new edition of the Basic law among the 61% of the citizens.

However, to trust the figures still not worth it, he said.

“the man turns to the sociologist and, in fact, asks: “are You opposed to Russia was a good Constitution, or for?” Of course, people feel uncomfortable and can’t speak against. In addition, they are not informed what amendments boil down in the end,” explained the analyst.

In his opinion, the Respondent in this case does not interact with government, and with the sociologist who aim to please and give the expected response.

“I guess most of these people are simply not for a vote, will not go. However, they can instigate this, the chiefs, and then the Russians will do what they are required,” said Votes.

He added that to mobilize the protest vote in this case no one, because in Russia there is no viable opposition with access to media and other resources.

“All that they can count on, is that by 1 July we are going to see increasing discontent with the authorities, as indicated by the latest polls. This is theoretically possible, but practically this serious calculation should not be built. Most likely, people who disapprove of the actions of officials, I will not go to this event”, — said the analyst.

As he pointed out, to the day of voting will be other reasons to stay home. Thus, the stations will measure temperature, you may have to stand in long queues, in July, there will be other things, gave examples of the expert.

“And they will not go. But the same applies to those who are in favour of the amendment. If they don’t make organizational efforts, they will ignore the vote in the mass. But from the state, such efforts will be, but the opposition has appropriate resources are not” — summed up the Votes.

we Add that the latest polls confirm the reduction of power rating. As noted in the report of the independent research group Sergey Belanovsky, the growth of discontent influenced by the pandemic coronavirus, while state propaganda has weakened, and people took control of anxiety, irritation and anger. Experts mentioned that “the main object of negative statements was President Putin, and the main claim to him that he does not justify the hopes placed on it and built a government system that doesn’t work.”

Recall, the vote on the amendments to the Constitution will take place on 1 July. The Russians will decide on the inclusion in the text of the Basic law provisions on the status of the Russian language as the state, the understanding of marriage as the Union of a man and woman, the supremacy of Russian law over international and more.

criticism is the norm, abdoulaya presidential terms. Vladimir Putin will be able to participate in the elections for the presidency again if the amendment is approved on the ballot.

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