The analyst predicted the looting of shops when the second wave of coronavirus

political Scientist Ilya Graschenkov expressed the view that the Russian stores during the second wave of the coronavirus may be exposed to looting.

Procurement of buckwheat and toilet paper he explained the Russian DNA, which laid the fears of ancestors and readiness for war. “The animal instinct of hunger and security (stew and tablets) interspersed with cultural fears of shortages (toilet paper, sausage),” — said the scientist in interview to “MK”, drawing attention to the fact that people bought vodka or other alcohol.

Commenting on the actions of Russians, sweeping away the products from the shelves, he said: “We showed ourselves as a nation”. In the case of the second wave COVID-19 Graschenkov predicted a new looting of shops, despite existing in people stocks. “And no matter what people have buckwheat with another first foray. Instincts are stronger than logic,” said the analyst.

Just today in Russia revealed 537 210 thousand cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. For the entire period claimed more than 7 thousand people.

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