The analyst tied to Putin's speech with the upcoming vote on the Constitution

Announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, support measures aimed at mobilizing Russians to vote for amendments to the Constitution, says associate Professor of political psychology at the faculty of psychology St. Petersburg state University Alexander Konfisachor.

According to him, in the Kremlin have closely followed the complaints of citizens, and therefore it is no coincidence that the chosen date of the President’s speech before the Victory parade, and plebiscites.

“So many years of talking about a progressive tax rate. Officials had always argued that it will be ineffective, the Russians will go into the “gray” and “black” schemes. However, suddenly this decision was made because he needed some kind of a move to increase the authority of the government and, ultimately, in the context of the forthcoming elections”, — told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, Konfisachor.

He called the cunning Putin’s words that the amendments will take effect only after a plebiscite.

“All laws signed, and a formal legal legitimacy is already there. This vote does not solve anything”, — said the expert.

According to him, the President mobilizes citizens, who are fans of the current government and “I love Kiselyov and Solovyov”.

Vladimir Putin appealed to the Russians on 23 June and told about the next steps to support the economy. So, the President has proposed to increase the rate for personal income tax from 13 to 15% for people with incomes over 5 million.

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