The analyst: To protests in the Khabarovsk subsided, we need the carrot, the whip does not work

security officials in Khabarovsk have used more annoying measures to contain the protesters, but the stock only become angrier. Why the government decided to use threats, detentions, arrests and intimidation, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” explained the Director of the Institute of contemporary state development Dmitry Solonnikov.

“Everything is logical, in the first weeks of the protests of citizens had not been touched, but now, when from various sources received information that the events fueled the actions of the provocateurs from various parties — both supporters Furgala and strange dark forces, almost from Georgia, started force. It is undeniable that in Khabarovsk flocked the opposition of all stripes with their slogans and ideas, although I don’t think the channel wanted to do his PR on the problem,” — said the analyst.

According to Solonnikova, period soft relation to the stock ends, and it was expected. The Federal center now rasschityvaet that if you can isolate the provocateurs from the townspeople, powder crush protests runs out. But it’s not exactly the expert underlines.

“that though as-that to settle a situation, has to be a carrot and stick. Meanwhile, the Federal center has a whip and gingerbread are seen. It is clear that Furgal for Governor would not return under any circumstances that now remains Degtyarev. Which, incidentally, is behaving strangely — imposing their own agenda to citizens and referring to the “dark past” which they themselves do not consider the dark channel and join the fight against it are not in a hurry. He tells them about the problems with utilities and gas, and residents that care about right now is minimal. Degtyarev was able to articulate a positive agenda of “building a bright future” — and it could be heard. Federal investments, a new beautiful picture, suppose the investment in a deepwater port, the construction of the subway in Khabarovsk, miles of greenhouses — a promise to create a garden city. But this is not said, and that his apparent mistake,” said the analyst.

Another mistake of the authorities, which could cost her dearly — the fact that the decision to arrest Furgala pulled down silently, without explanation, and any dialogue with citizens, the expert said. According to him, if I were running an information campaign about the crimes Furgala, residents could be mentally prepared for his arrest.

“But since nobody bothered to explain anything to them, Khabarovsk Moscow reacted to the Directive as well as in his time the inhabitants of Chiesa about incineration and inhabitants of the Nenets Autonomous district on the Association with the Arkhangelsk region. They are offended, but the Federal centre is not even trying to flatten it,” sums up Dmitry Solonnikov