The year is auspicious for the japanese animation. While spirited away finally appears in china 18 years after its release, the festival international du film d animation Annecy, famous, until the 15th of June, its rich production. The 43rd edition offers over ten feature films in competition, no less than three achievements from the Japan, the second global actor in the movie behind the United States.

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Among them, Wonderland , The kingdom without rain , in theaters on 24 July, Keiichi Hara, who had received the jury prize in 2015 for the Miss Hokusai , and the touching and creative Ride Your Wave of Masaaki Yuasa, winner of the Crystal in the feature film in 2017 for Lou and the island of the sirens , the authors who are now.

trailer for The Wonderland , The kingdom without rain

Ride Your Wave

the manufacturing secrets of The new ongoing project of Makoto Shinkai, the maker of the colossal success Your Name (2016) – become the animated film nippon has the best market in the world, will be unveiled to fans this Friday.

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Your Name

In a parallel section, the festival also presents The children of the sea of Ayumu Watanabe, a film of great beauty chart, to which have worked for some former employees of the iconic studio Ghibli, co-founded in 1985 by the oscar-winning director of legend Hayao Miyazaki. Among them, particularly, the composer of many soundtracks for Ghibli, Joe Hisaishi. Its output is scheduled for 10 July in the French theatres.

children of the sea

“I was very influenced by the work of studio Ghibli over the course of my career,” says the AFP Ayumu Watanabe, who said he “had the impression of floating in the air” when he learned that Joe Hisaishi composed the music of his film.

a Sign of the influence still is very important for the Studio Ghibli – while Hayao Miyazaki, 78 years, no longer made full-length film since The Wind rises in 2013, the Studio Ponoc ( Mary and the flower of the witch ), established in 2015 by a former Ghibli, Yoshiaki Nishimura, was also given a place of choice in Annecy, where it unveiled the first French program of short films.

“, New challenges”

“We wanted to create something that would preserve the spirit of Ghibli and its animation style,” says Yoshiaki Nishimura, whose studio combines animation with hand-drawn and digital techniques. He says he wants to “face new challenges” experiencing “a variety of styles and techniques through short films.

Because, is the founder of the studio Ponoc, the japanese animation “seems to do the face can be due to a lack of creativity, animators and good working conditions”, as many of the difficulties pointed out in the sector, with some cases of burn-out in teams, salaries are often low, and a succession may take to arrive.

For Yoshiaki Nishimura, “this is the result of an accumulation of problems over the past five or ten years”, in the face of which a studio like hers strives to “create a new environment”. “Maybe that’s the big problem in the industry of japanese animation, it is that there are more youth leaders”, considers for its part, the director Keiichi Hara.

“less and less animators are able to draw satisfactorily on the hand -”

Ayumu Watanabe , director of Children of the sea

Ayumu Watanabe tip, too, is a form of standardization, sometimes the animation, with such “less of animators who are able to draw satisfactorily to the hand” and “a bipolarization of the market, with big productions that appeal to an incredible number of facilitators, and on the other side, may be a little more creative but a lot less money”.

For the cooler French Amel Lacombe, specialized since 2005 with her company Eurozoom in the theatrical release in France of new nuggets of the land of the Rising Sun (the Children wolves, Ame and Yuki to Your name ), “this is an industry that Japan is very powerful, but which is also, as the industry is expanding rapidly, a little adjustment period, I think”.

But, she adds, the japanese authorities have also “become aware”, especially with “the effect of Your name that “there was a real international market for japanese animation”. “There’s a big excitement, because it is also considered by Japan as a force for export.”