The apartment Serebrennikov in Germany seized

the Property Director Kirill Serebrennikov arrested on the account of damages. It is reported by Russia’s Investigative Committee.

“as part of the investigation, measures taken to ensure compensation of the damage and the arrest of the defendants property — apartment Serebrennikov in Germany for €300 thousand acquired at the time of committing the theft, the car defendants cost about 7 million rubles, expensive jewelry, and cash (€5 thousand, $100 thousand) and other assets”, — stated in the message of SK.

the Property left under arrest on account of damages. The court ruled that the defendants in the case of 129 million rubles at the suit of the Ministry of culture. He was convicted of fraud Serebrennikov, producers etina Yuri and Alexei Malopolska.

Serebrennikov and Itino sentenced to three years imprisonment with fines of 800 thousand and 200 thousand respectively, the Malopolski to two years imprisonment with a fine of 300 thousand rubles. A former employee of the Ministry of culture, the Director of Ramtha Sophia Apfelbaum punished with a fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles, from which she released in connection with the expiration of limitation periods of bringing to criminal liability under the criminal code of the Russian Federation “the Negligence”.

government Lawyer Dmitry Kharitonov has stated that it intends to appeal the sentence.

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