The area of the oil spill in the Gulf of Butakov in Khimki exceeded 20 thousand sq. m

The area of the oil spill in Butakov Bay of the Khimki reservoir has increased to nearly 23 thousand sq. m. this is stated in the message of Federal Agency for water resources. It was said that the oil slick localized several rows of booms. Recall that the Bay was discovered June 25 in the survey of the river Grachevka (Chernavka), a tributary of the Khimki reservoir. As the press service of the Ministry, samples of the laboratory of the Moscow-Oka basin water management showed “exceeding the permissible concentration of oil products in water more than a thousand times.” Also recorded was the death of fish and birds due to “hypoxia due to uncleared sewage water with impurity of oil products”. According to preliminary data, the source of the contamination was the storm sewer, which exploits the MUP “Chemotactic”.

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