The army was detained at the Diveevsky monastery closed to quarantine the village

Actor Nikita Dzhigurda and journalist Oksana Shkoda was detained in a closed to quarantine the village of Nizhny Novgorod Diveyevo near the Diveevo monastery, where previously there was an outbreak of coronavirus.

As reported by Skoda in “Vkontakte”, she and the chair were detained on the territory of the monastery. According to the journalist, conducts checks on the fact of their “illegal entry” to the village of Diveevo. “The main question, as to what we entered in Diveyevo! We said that with God’s help, and refused to give further explanation about transport,” said Skoda in the explanation on the website of the newspaper “arguments of the week” where she works.

She and the chair basically refuse to wear masks and eve argued about this with the judge at the hearing in Moscow city court. Skoda told Dzhigurda explanation to the judge: “He is detailed and hard to explain to the court that the wearing of masks/helmets and other things is only a recommendation, and that is the 28-I article of the Constitution that says freedom of religion. And our God forbids to wear masks! And we — believers and can’t offend God.”

Recall that earlier for illegal stay on the territory of Sarov, the police drew up reports on ballerina Anastasia Volochkova and her driver. Diveevo the court gave protocols for consideration to Moscow.

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