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The artists transform a wall between the United States and Mexico, with playground for children


The wall of Donald Trump will not prevent the children of Mexico and of the United States to play together. Three swings rocking roses have been installed between the grids separating Sunland Park (New Mexico), and Ciudad Juarez, on the border of the two countries. The idea comes down to a couple of american architects.

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Virginia San Fratello, teacher of design at the university of San José, and Ronald Rael, professor of architecture at the university of California. The latter welcomed “the joy, the enthusiasm, and the living together [brought by these swings] at the border,” in a publication that is relayed on the social network Instagram. In a video and several photos accompanying the message, we see adults and children having fun on the swings.

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One of the most incredible experiences of my and @vasfsf”s career bringing to life the conceptual drawings of the Teetertotter Wall from 2009 in an event filled with joy, excitement, and togetherness at the borderwall. The wall became a literal fulcrum for U. S. – Mexico relations, and children and adults were connected in meaningful ways on both sides, with the recognition that the actions that take place on one side have a direct result on the other side. Amazing thanks to everyone who made this event possible like Omar Rios @colectivo.chopeke for collaborating with us, the guys at Taller Herreria in #CiudadJuarez for their fine craftsmanship, @anateresafernandez for encouragement and support, and everyone who showed up on both sides including the beautiful families from Colonia Anapra, and @kerrydoyle2010, @kateggreen , @ersela_kripa , @stphn_mllr , @wakawaffles, @chris_inabox and many others (you know who you are). #raelsanfratello #borderwallasarchitecture

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“The wall was becoming a major issue for relations between the United States and Mexico”, he added, specifying that the “actions taking place on one side led to inevitable consequences in the other.”

The initiative of the couple was born in 2009, under the name of Teetertrotter Wall and had inspired a book Borderwall as architecture (“wall-border architecture”). “This is one of the most amazing experiences of our careers, to give life to these sketches,” said Rael.

Promise that a flagship campaign of Donald Trump in 2016, the wall the “anti-immigration”, which has to run all along the border between Mexico and the United States, could be completed soon. On Friday, the u.s. supreme Court has granted 2.5 billion dollars from the Pentagon to the president for the implementation of this project.