The auctions in the Russian share market have opened decrease

Trading on the Russian stock market on Thursday opened with decrease in the basic indexes. By 10:44 GMT ruble-denominated index Mosberg -0.53% to the previous close and was at around 2800,85 item, dollar-denominated RTS index fell by 0.18% to 1243,31 points, according to data from the Moscow exchange.

As the analyst of management of trading operations on the Russian stock market “freedom Finance” Alexander Osin, on Wednesday, the market again declined slightly along with oil prices. Among the outsiders once again proved oil and gas sector shares. Shares of “Norilsk Nickel” (-1,91%) played an active growth of prices for metals and information concerning estimates of the damage from the accident at Norilsk. “Gazprom” (+1,43%) rose in value under the influence of the data on the development of cooperation with China. USD/RUB consolidates in a narrow range is 71.1 and 71.6 per dollar after a volatile beginning of the month.

For a sufficiently large number of liquid securities, including ordinary shares of the Children’s world (+0,19%), LUKOIL (-0,61%), Nizhnekamskneftekhim (+0,88%), OGK-2 (+0,29%), yesterday was the last when they traded with the dividend. Thursday is the last day with dividends traded shares of ALROSA (+0,83%) and NLMK (-0,70%). Risks for buyers, given the forthcoming closure of a large number of registers largest issuers look elevated, he said.

In his opinion, negative dynamics of ordinary shares of VTB (VTBR RX 0,035420, -0,88%) and privileged shares of Sberbank (SBERP RX 193,2, -0,03%) could be indirectly provoked by the uncertainty facing next week in the corporate reporting of leading US banks for the 2nd quarter, the market forecasts that are very careful.

“we Expect mixed performance. Guidance: the range 70,70-71,90 USD/RUB, 2795-2840 index Masuri”, — concluded the analyst.

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