The mouse frightened the elephant. When Art Spiegelman, the most famous author of comics about the Holocaust resumed his pencil, it was hard for him to ignore the news. At the request of the publishing house, he wrote the introduction to Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949 . A blessing for one who was an emblematic figure of comics underground in the 1970s and 1980s. He retains the freedom to set the tone. Much to the chagrin of his publisher, who had refused a sentence comparing Donald Trump to a super-villain.

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The text recounts how “young designers jews of the first superheroes were invented saviors mythical, centuries-old, almost divine”. The sentence refused by Folio Society in charge of publishing for Marvel Comics, will appear at the end of the text. “In the world are too real today, Skull red, the most infamous enemy of Captain America, is living in the screen, a Skull orange haunts America”, writes Art Spiegelman, winner of a Pulitzer prize special in 1992 for his COMIC Maus , and the grand prize of the city of Angoulême in 2011.

“Everything is political”

Marvel Comics “does not allow its publications to take a political position”, would have said Folio Society, Art Spiegelman, according to the last in The Guardian. The author claims that he was asked to remove the sentence, otherwise its introduction would not be published. It has therefore decided to withdraw its text, finally published by the british daily. “I learned at my expense, once again, that everything is political”, and there he writes.

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“I didn’t particularly like an author’s politics compared to some of my fellow travelers. But when I was asked to kill a reference relatively harmless to a Skull orange, I understood that it would have been irresponsible to be careless about the terrible existential threat that we are now”, writes Art Spiegelman in the new version of the text. For him, “international fascism itself back to health, and the upheavals that followed the global economic crisis of 2008 has led us to such a point that the planet itself may melt”.

The draftsman points to the fact that the president of Marvel Entertainment, Isaac Perlmutter, is “a longtime friend of Donald Trump and his advisors are not official”, and has given more than 360,000 dollars, the maximum amount of money, to the fund of companion 2020 of the outgoing president.

Marvel: The Golden Age 1939: 1949 will be published in September, with an introduction by Roy Thomas, a writer veteran of the house Marvel.

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