The author painted murals with Brodsky in St. Petersburg: I didn't know that the fence belongs to the school

the depiction of the poet Joseph Brodsky is to coordinate with the school on the fence which appeared a painting. Such opinion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the author of the initiative, the artist Oleg Lukyanov.

“I feel a little hostage situation. I didn’t know that the fence belongs to the school, thought he was detached. Moreover, it was painted in the colors of neighboring buildings. It turned out that the school, and it’s very ugly, actually,” said the artist.

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“For us, the apartment is for life, city — life, country — life”. Of course, Joseph Brodsky was talking about a different situation, but today many have experienced what it means to be a limited freedom of movement in the walls of their “half rooms”. In isolation of the lines of the poet have a different meaning. On the day of his 80th birthday Brodsky returned Pestel street — looking right at your balcony in the house where he lived in those four rooms and where they are gone forever. But poets always come back. #to menyanthaceae #josephbrady

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May 24 2020 2:31 PDT

In his opinion, should all gather at the same table and negotiate. And the mural can be left as a temporary installation in the jubilee year of the movement.

“I Think you need to draw me school, all responsible persons, to make it official, maybe even with a ribbon cutting, kind and beautiful. That it was the act of unification of all people of common sense,” concluded Lukyanov.

Recall the fresco with the image of Joseph Brodsky was born may 24 to the day of the 80th anniversary of the poet. In less than a day the wall of the fence filled with white paint. According to “Fontanka”, responsible of the Petersburg school № 189, which owns aboutgradenia. The correspondent of “Rosbalt” could not obtain confirmation at your school, call failed.

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