The authorities DND announced the transfer of the Ukrainian side of the body

hit a mine in the North of Gorlovka member of the “sabotage-reconnaissance group of the APU,” whose body is the self-proclaimed representatives of the Donetsk national Republic handed over to the Ukrainian side, was the “American mercenary”. This statement was made by the Deputy head of the militia Eduard Bacurin.

“it is a mercenary from the United States Shawn fuller with the call sign “Texas” with combat experience in Iraq. Known as a demolition expert. According to available information, Shawn fuller was a supporter of the far-right views and actively cooperated with Ukrainian nationalists”, — quotes the words of Baturina is GIVEN.

He added that to date, have found the body of another “saboteur”, who allegedly was in possession of the passport of the citizen of Estonia of the name Mikola Ilin.

Earlier in the DNI reported that 13 of July, in the village of zaitsevo (North of Gorlovka) group of the Ukrainian military in six people ran into the minefield. The body of one of them soldiers of the people’s police evacuated, and then passing it to the Ukrainian side. DNR also provided security guarantees to the persons who will participate in the search for the bodies of other “subversives”.

In turn, at the headquarters of the Operation joint forces, confirming the transfer of the body, nothing is said about the nationality of the deceased.However, the CCA informed that previously, when attempting his escape, was killed by a Ukrainian physician, and two people were injured. President Vladimir Zelensky called the murder of the Ukrainian military “another proof of the cynicism, mendacity and brutality of the militants.”

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