The authorities of the Siberian regions has spent tens of millions of rubles on the organization of voting on the Constitution

Budget the establishment of a number of Siberian regions — Tomsk region, Krasnoyarsk territory, Buryatia and the Altai Republic — spent 36,4 million roubles from their budgets on the organization of voting on the Constitution. According to the Agency “Taiga.Info”, according to materials on the website of public procurement, all procurement was conducted from a single supplier without competition. So, the cost of the Tomsk region for these purposes amounted to 23 million rubles. Over 9.7 million rubles, the Tomsk authorities bought 25, 5 thousand liters of antiseptic for hands, 385 packages of napkins and 150 thousand masks at the municipal enterprise “Taskforce”. More than 4 million the Department spent on 772 non-contact Infrared thermometer 820D. They were purchased from LLC “Promresurs”, which, according to “Taiga” with reference to “Outline.Focus” belongs to Nikita Ryabenko. He also owns “Maxmall-group”. The Agency draws attention that on the website of this Internet shop is that the thermometer to be used in voting, gives an error of about 0.3 degrees. The Department also spent 2.6 million rubles to 20 thousand disposable medical gowns, bought them at the sewing factory “Carina”. Over 2.5 million rubles were bought more than 500 thousand ballpoint pens and 644 of the roll of garbage bags purchased from OOO “Papirus”. Tomsk authorities are also giving away 2 million 200 thousand of disposable gloves. Bought them in Moscow JSC “R-Pharm”, owned by the billionaire Alexei Repik, indicating “Taiga”. Another 1.2 million rubles, the Tomsk authorities have given 6.5 thousand. protective shields for face. Bought them from Seversky businessman Alexander Ivanov. According to the same “Contour.Focus”, which leads the Agency, he’s listed as a co-founder of LLC ICC “Oberon Plus”, which has received 15 million rubles on the contracts for setting up databases for the Tomsk authorities. Nearly 800 thousand rubles from the regional budgetand spent 1.5 thousand plastic containers and 772 baskets purchased by OOO “Grant”. The company is engaged in, including the overhaul of the building of the Department of education of Tomsk. Krasnoyarsk Krai has allocated from its budget for procurement for the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of 8.8 million roubles. Was ordered placement of 215 different types of banners for advertising structures of the regional capital. They paid 5,7 million roubles to the businessman Roman Gurov. 450 thousand roubles has spent for placing videos on the led screen 91 of the city. The contractor was an advertising company “Ilan”. The firm, said “Taiga”, have been awarded contracts for placement of information on the celebration of the Russia day and the Victory day on city boards. Ease more than 2.6 million rubles allocated from the regional budget for the organization of “hot line” about voting for amendments to the Constitution. The contractor was the individual entrepreneur Pavel Timofeev. According to “Outline.Focus”, he is the co-founder of the NGO “Our land” together with the Deputy of the city Council of the Yenisei from the “United Russia” Rashit by Malevil. The government of Buryatia will receive more than 4.5 million rubles from the Republican budget for the placement of information about voting in the media and social networks. The contractor was the ANO “Information center”. The organization is established by the administration of the head of Buryatia. Together with the Deputy of the city Council of Ulan-Ude Dmitry Turchenko “Information center” owns half of OOO RA “Mediator”, who is the founder of the regional television channel ATV. “Information center” is headed by former editor-in-chief Alexander be repaired. The Republic of Altai on the voting on the Constitution will allocate 100 thousand rubles. We are talking about the 10 banners about the vote in Gorno-Altaysk and villages of the region. Contractor — LLC “Mediaprint” the Chairman of regional Federation of a kickboxing Tengis Barbashev. The company received gospodryady from the Republican FSB Department for the supply of printed products and sportswear. Previously, the Agency reported that gosupravlenie the government of the Novosibirsk region spent over 7 million rubles for the banners and newspaper strip for a vote on the Constitution. Zabaykalsky government ordered the publication in the media by 8.4 million rubles. Recall that the voting on amendments to the Constitution will be held from 25 June to 1 July. Previously the date was confirmed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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