The Azerbaijani defense Ministry reported the destruction of more than one hundred Armenian servicemen

the Armenian Authorities are hiding the real figures of the losses its armed forces. With this statement made by the representative of the Azerbaijani defense Ministry Vagif Dargyakhli, according to Sputnik Azerbaijan.

According to him, the monitoring of social networks and the media says that the Armenian armed forces have lost much more “stated” earlier four people. He suggested that through neokoroi time Yerevan will begin to report the dead, but explaining these cases other causes. Dargyakhli believes that many of the killed Armenians were immigrants from the Middle East, which helped to hide their deaths.

Colonel Dargahi said that no territorial losses in the fighting in the direction of Tovuz Azerbaijan did not suffer and urged not to believe the widespread misinformation on destroyed Azeri tank and the shortage of donor blood.

the Fighting on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border started on 12 July. According to official data, since that day killed 12 Azerbaijani soldiers and one civilian, and four Armenian soldiers.

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