The film The Batman has been for many months shrouded in mystery. The resignation at the realization and then as an actor Ben Affleck appeared to have sunk the project at all ever. Except that after many rumors, we got the news: Robert Pattinson will embody the dark knight to the screen under the direction of Matt Reeves. A revelation, which, according to the actor, has been leaked a week before the official announcement, and that almost cost her the role of the interpreter of Edward Cullen. “My entire team was in panic. I believed that this rumor was going to do everything to hood” ” he says to the magazine Variety .

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The news has in any case made to respond to the many internet users regarding the suitability of the choice of the performer, which do not take offense. “To be honest, it was much less vicious than what I was expecting. Since I make independent films, people expect less of me,” says the actor in Variety . “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my career. I tried the suit and I remember having said to Matt Reeves ‘It is true that it is something, I feel changed’. He replied ‘I should hope so, you’re in the batsuit ‘” he continues, exalted.

The two men in the same film?

But what has most intrigued the fans in this interview is, paradoxically, what it does is not told. In fact the journalist, Ramin Setoodeh, who led the discussion, revealed that Robert Pattinson had left out some information intriguing. “At a certain point in our conversation, he left to go to a comment on Joaquin Phoenix, who portrays the Joker, before retracting. ‘Oh m*rde,’ he said, adding that he is not accustomed to spoilers. ‘I should have really not had to say it. I’m used to indie films that you must watch three times without understanding what it is'”.

Respectful of the actor, the reporter did not wish to disclose the information in question, but it was not necessary any more for the fans to be let go and imagine a possible crossover between the two antagonists favourite of the pop culture.

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The film Joker who triumphed at the Venice film Festival, will be released in France next October 9 and will probably be a cardboard box. If the movie Batman by Matt Reeves knows the same critical success as his opponent, to consider a summit meeting between the two men would make without a doubt, the fans.