The sun rises in the famous Studio Two. In the new clip from Here Comes the Sun, title composed by George Harrison opening the face B du 33 tours original Abbey Road, drawings, photos, and partition together to form a blazing sun. Little by little, the light illuminates the instruments, orphans and the old mugs in an empty coffee can.

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Directed by Alasdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney for Trunk Animation, this video traces the history of the Beatles through many archival photos. As the iconic quartet’s crossing the pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road, taken during the last photo session of the group on 4 may 1969, a year before his separation. If Abbey Road was released on 26 September 1969, before the release of Let it Be in 1970, his recording took place after the latter. The Fab Four were, therefore, gathered in the studio for the last time to compose this mythical album.

Produced by Giles Martin, son of “fifth Beatle” George Martin and Sam Okell, the re-release of Abbey road on the 27th of September last, contains new mixes of the 17 tracks, as well as 23-minute demo. “I refuse to produce ashtrays, Beatles t-shirts or the Beatles. It is necessary that there is a good reason. It is necessary that there is passion. When one has this, then one has the feeling of doing a good job,” says Giles Martin to Franceinfo.

The band’s drummer, Ringo Starr, who is preparing to release a solo album, has been entrusted by the micro Franceinfo details on the recording of the album. “I had this battery in maple, a new battery. This is the first time I played on drums with real skins, as usual, it is always plastic. So I had depth! That’s why I do the bearings on all the pieces,” he recalls.