The Theater Eiffel Tower, this is a musical story, a biography and fluid of la Môme Piaf, that offers us a friend Jacques Pessis, who was fascinated by the great figures of the music-hall and the song. He has already devoted evenings to Édith Piaf in shows hairlines, sharp, moving. A very pleasant: he is the narrator, a young performer of songs the more often famous, a musician accompanies the representation.

But this time, in I Love Piaf, under the rule friendly of the director François Chouquet, Jacques Pessis between more forward in the game: he tells, but he sings and he dances! In the partition of Piaf, the great Anaïs Delva, excellent actress but also a singer accustomed to the exercise of the musical, brings, beyond his voice superb and nuanced, his grace and charm to the representation. Aurélien Noël accompanies them on the accordion. The texts are translated into English: it is an ideal show for the summer in Paris, family and friends, and for tourists who will discover a gem of a theater 30 years.

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At the Studio-Theatre, what are the six virtuoso musicians of the troupe of the Comédie-Française, who celebrate with Serge (Gainsbourg point bar) the whole path of an artist-sensitive, and who liked to wear masks. Stéphane Varupenne and Sébastien Pouderoux, designers, such as Benjamin Lavernhe, Noam Morgensztern, Yoann Gasiorowski and Rebecca Marder are remarkable. The narrative is composed of extracts from responses to interviews. Formulas terse, replies to the cutter ; Gainsbourg appears more rough than it was at the bottom of his heart. But his songs tell his truth, and in musically found his genius and his daring. The interpretations are original and subtle. A very big moment.

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Pocket Montparnasse finally, is taken a show created last march in tribute to Michel Legrand, who disappeared on January 26, 2019. Michel for Ever is a real mini-musical with his paintings and his moods sour in costumes of Denis Evrard and choreography Of Alma Villalobos. The joy of the 60’s broke out, but leafing also pages that are more serious, the side of Cléo from 5 to 7, in particular. Written by Daphne Tesson and Stéphan Druet, who co-directed adventure of the scene, she brings together artists who have beautiful temperaments and know how to play, sing, dance. Gaétan Borg, Sebastian Galeota, Emmanuelle Goizé, Mathilde Hennekinne. With virtuoso on the board: Benoît de Mesmay on piano, he signs the arrangements – Jean-Luc Arramy on double-bass, under the guidance of a musical director end, Stéphane Corbin. We get out of there with wings, and songs in head…

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● “I love Piaf”, Theatre Tour Eiffel 4, square Rapp (Vii). Tel.: 01 40 67 77 77.SCHEDULE: 19 h. Until 27 July.

● “The Serge (Gainsbourg point bar)”, Studio Theatre at the Carrousel du Louvre (Ier). Tel.: 01 44 58 15 15. Schedule: 18: 30. Until 30 June.

● “Michael for ever”, Pocket Montparnasse 75 bd du Montparnasse (Life). Tel.: 01 45 44 50 21. Opening hours: from game. at the sam. 21: 15, sun. at 17: 30. Until 14 July.