Sculptural, breathtaking curves and long legs, both sensitive and provocative, the women of Milo Manara intertwined with sensuality and elegance. The galerie Huberty-Breyne, dedicated until January 5, exposure to the Italian master of COMIC erotic. It brings together almost 80 works of the maestro, illustrations, covers and large watercolours unpublished, demonstrations of his passion for women.

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Born in 1945 in Italy, nothing predisposed the author to embrace this prestigious career in COMICS erotic, his debut in the drawing arising from financial constraints to pay for his architectural studies. But his discovery of Raftery created by Jean-Claude Forest was an illumination. Milo Manara has imposed, among others, with works such as The turning point or The Scent of the unseen.

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The galerie Huberty-Breyne brings together exclusive works from his latest work. Thirty new covers, beautiful, black and white of his albums made for a full sold by the daily corriere della sera alongside the artwork created for the card game erotic, Red Light, a star is porn”.

“The catch III”, pencil on paper, 8000 euros. Milo Manara/ Huberty Breyne Gallery “Red Light district XXIII”, mixed technique, 20.000 euros. Milo Manara/ Huberty Breyne Gallery

Nurse, school mistress, punkette, mistress, sado-masochistic turn-insolent or mutines, these heroines through a “vision fantasy of the 1980s, have been done with a certain lightness and irony”, explained to the Figaro Milo Manara, during a private tour of the exhibition.

In the vast universe of the maestro, the super-heroes of Marvel also have their place, with large watercolours astounding illustrating the covers alternatives to the american publisher. Manara went so far as to feminize some comic book characters, such as the mutant Cyclops of the X-Men transformed under the brush of the artist, a creature of generous forms.

“Marvel, Cyclops”, Chinese ink and watercolour on paper, 30.000 euros. Milo Manara/ Huberty Breyne Gallery

“Every designer should do at least once in his life, the super heroes, writes Manara. There is a realism and passion in the authors of comics that give the feeling that they believe in their drawings. The super-hero, it is a modern mythology, mount Olympus with its divinities. These are fantasies that we really believed, in Greece.”

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a bit More real, but no less divine, the actresses that he has croquées for the magazine Him . Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Ratajkoski, Marine Vacth or Cara Delevigne is exhibit a in the arrogance of their superb plastic: “The poses summarize their relationship to nudity and I’ve worked in respect of each personality.”

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The art of Milo Manara is to magnify the female body. This talent is exhibited from now fifty years old, and will be celebrated at the next comic festival of Angoulême, who dedicated to him a retrospective.

“Marine Vacth”, Chinese ink and watercolour on paper, 25.000 euros Milo Manara/ Huberty Breyne gallery “Jennifer Lawrence”, Chinese ink and watercolour on paper, 27.000 euros Milo Manara/ Hubert Breyne Gallery

Milo Manara is the author erotic the most esteemed in the gallery. The price of his works ranges between 6 000 and 8 000 euros for the covers and black and white, and 25.000€ and 30.000€ for the color illustrations. Most affordable, lithographs, numbered and signed by the hand of the master will find takers for 400 euros.

Galerie Huberty-Breyne, 33, place du Chatelain, Brussels.

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