The dramatic fire of Our-Lady of Paris is echoed in the story a series of disasters that have destroyed or damaged monuments. In Russia, in Asia, in Europe, Le Figaro looks at the reconstructions that have followed, the challenges they have faced and the controversies that they have been able to feed.

On 2 June, in the morning, a few minutes before 10 am, Konstantin Michourosvki gave appointments to its ten bell-ringers in the nave of Christ the Holy Saviour, for the office of the fifth Sunday after Easter. The official guide to the most famous basilica in moscow, twenty-nine years of service – distributes the desks of its musicians. This morning, he says to Masha, the most beefy of them all, the post of conductor, located below one of the bells in the main of 30 tons, with stunning views of the Kremlin. Macha tied a strap around the wing and shoulders of the weightlifter pulls the huge rod that, to the rhythm of the …

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