Every release of their new adventures is a surf that is hard to resist. King, the heroes of our childhood Lucky Luke and Blake and Mortimer, as well as the more contemporary of The Arab of the future have dominated the rankings of the best sales of the comics, in 2018.

humor has the wind in its sails in the result of the classification. In the combi of Thomas Pesquet , the story of Marion Montaigne which comes with a sense of humor on the path of the astronaut, the Asterix and our old holdouts to the Old stoves followed in their footsteps. A wind of youth blowing through the charts with the fifth volume of the Legendary origins, Raid, featuring children to fend for themselves in the fantastic worlds strewn with hazards.

Associated with their creator, Patrick Sobral, Nadou back on the past of Danaël, Jadina, Shimy, Gryf and Honors, the hero of the kingdom of Alysia to the ground accidentally by a child during their fight against a terrible sorcerer. This last volume is devoted to Raid, before it diminishes in size and becomes one of the Legendary.

the Best sales of the year 2018 (exclusive leaderboard GFK)

1) The Adventures of Lucky Luke after Morris volume 8, A cow-boy in Paris , Jul and Achdé, published by Lucky Comics

2) Blake and Mortimer, tome 25, The Valley of the Immortals , Yves Sente, Teun Berserik and Peter Van Dongen, editions Dargaud

3) The Arab of the future Volume 4, youth in the Middle East, (1987-1992), Riad Sattouf, Allary editions

4) In the combi of Thomas Pesquet , Thomas Pesquet and Marion Montaigne, Editions Dargaud

5) The Old Furnaces, volume 5, Good for the asylum Patrick Cauuet and Lupano Wilfrid, editions Dargaud

6) Asterix, tome 37, Asterix and the Transitalique , René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo, Didier Conrad, Jean-Yves Ferri, editions Albert René.

7) The Arab of the future volume 1, A youth in the Middle East (1978-1984) , Riad sattouf, Allary editions

8) The old furnaces volume 1, Those who remain, Patrick Cauuet and Lupano Wilfrid, editions Dargaud

9) Asterix, The secret of the magic potion, Uderzo and Goscinny, after the movie by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, design Fabrice Tarrin, editions Albert René

10) The Legendary: origins volume 5, Raid, Patrick Sobral and Nadou, editions Delcourt