The royal Ballet of the night , The Pastoral care of Issy , La finta pazza of Sacrati, the Orfeo de Rossi, The Feasts of venetian of Campra, Fanning , of Salieri, to a libretto by Beaumarchais… here they are gathered, these forgotten operas. Milestones of our history lyric, that one rediscovers the past few years with curiosity. And, often, a sense of wonder that belongs to them.

Because it is a wonder that there is a question in the exhibition “An air of Italy. The Paris Opera from Louis XIV to the Revolution”, which has just opened at the Palais Garnier to celebrate the 350 years of the institution. Conducted with the national Library of France, the last traces chronologically the genesis of the lyrical art in France, between fascinations and controversy surrounding this art imported from Italy by cardinal Mazarin, as they try to merge with the ballet of court to the French. Lifting the veil on so much of the masterpieces forgotten. Scores handwritten in notebooks dance. …

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