After five years of work, he dreamed of certainly the best first-week opening for the Théâtre Marigny in which he took the leadership in February last. Death in the soul, Jean-Luc Choplin was forced to close the doors this Saturday. For the third time in a row, and after repairing the broken tiles by the protesters. One of them even tried to climb the facade to enter. “Fortunately, it was caught up by the panties,” he says, with a grim smile.

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To ensure the safety of staff and the public, it has, therefore, cancelled the Skin of an Ass, the adaptation stage of the masterpiece of Jacques Demy. Michel Legrand is always the wand. The composer provides the redirection, having added ten minutes of music for the occasion. Interviewed by François Aubel, editor-in-chief of the Figaro , he explains why he wanted to reopen the Marigny with this enchanting musical.

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Jean-Luc Choplin is also on his immoderate taste for the musical comedy of which he was the ardent promoter at the Châtelet theatre from 2004 to 2012, on his ambition for a Marigny new brand which he wants to bring back to life by combining theatre and music, and discusses his dreams to accompany, one day, the “great Bob Wilson” on Broadway. To go to the end of his mission, the mission to break down barriers always more genres of theatre. BOOK >