We review even Michael Jackson in his time Thriller , dressed in his famous white suit designed by Hugo Boss. Another well-known silhouette of the King of Pop was the one that gave him his leather jackets. His biker jacket worn in 1987 and 1988 during the tour Bad , was sold at auction 298.000 $ Sunday, November 11, in New York. It is signed on the back of the hand of the artist. The auction house Julien’s Auctions, demanding a third of the price.

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Between September 1987 and January 1989, to the four corners of the world, Michael Jackson sings the titles, now famous, from the album Bad : Man in the Mirror , Smooth Criminal , I Just Can t Stop Loving You … The “Bad World Tour”, with 4.4 million people gathered at 123 concerts, is a record for a tour of an artist solo.

The businessman texan Milton Verret, a die-hard collector of memories all azimuths of the great years of rock and roll, broke up his collection. The sale catalogue has it proudly displayed illustrious names such as David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton or Bob Dylan. An electric guitar with which Prince performed in the 1980s was sold for 157.000 dollars. And the jacket biker worn by the Kid from Minneapolis in the movie Purple Rain in 1984, 37.500 dollars.

Julien’s auction

But since his accidental death in 2009 in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson had a chilling effect on the auction rooms more than any other star. In 2011, the leather jacket that he wore in the movie clip Thriller spiked to 1.8 million.

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In Paris, Michael Jackson will be at the centre of a vast exhibition at the Grand Palais from 23 November 2018, which will address the memory of the singer through his influence on contemporary art.